Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sexism With Good Intent (Smallish Post 5)

When I read what I considered to be the rabid rantings of a crazed politician, I was incensed by the author's total lack of concern for the free will of women. He wanted to use Title IX to "encourage" girls toward the sciences, yet I have not seen impediments to women entering the field. I have asked women about whether they feel there is some social stigma against them entering scientific or technical fields, and without fail, they told me there was not. If that is the case, then women are choosing to not be involved with computer science, and what right have we to try and force them to choose a career that pleases the sociologists' statistics? There are differences between men and women, and I say that's OK; men tend to not want to be nurses, and women tend to not want to be computer scientists. That is not to say that men cannot be nurses and women cannot be scientists; yet just because there is a tendency for one sex to prefer a certain field does not mean we have the right to force the other sex into careers they don't enjoy. Is it not also sexist to say "we want more scientists, and they must be women"?

Source article: Title IX and Women in Academics

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Adam W said...

You make a good point. However, what is the cause behind a majority of women wanting to be nurses and men wanting to be CS geeks? Is it a social astigmatism? Has society placed an unfair weight of one profession to the other. Do women lack the interest in being scientists because society has already told them that only geeky, unattractive, math inclined boys grow up to be CS majors and to do so as a woman, would be the equivalent to social suicide? I agree, anyone can be anything they want. I encourage it! But for the longest time all flight attendants were labeled as stewardesses. This disinterested most of the male persuasion from pursuing that career. As per the view back in that time, a male stewardess could easily be labeled as built as a guy, but lacking the internal workings.

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